Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dan Doesn't Like The Intern

Now that we've been in school for a week, we've been assigned student interns, one for each period of the day. Most of them are your standard high school students: average kids who perform on an average level. The administrators say that getting student interns is one of the reasons we can't get another aide, even though the students can't do a lot of tasks that we really need done.

So it isn't really the best. But there is one bright spot: one particular intern, so far anyhow, does very good work. He's great with the students, takes some initiative at times (most interns have to be told to do anything and everything and won't do anything on their own) and is pretty patient. There's just one thing: remember when I said most of the interns were just your average high school kid? This kid is the one exception. Honestly, I'm not sure of any "label" to use for him. I'll just describe his "look" and if there's a label, someone could fill me in in the comments.

His hair is dyed jet black. It's kept moderate length, except in the front, where it forms a swoop across the face. (A friend has jokingly referred to this as a SUPER SWOOP because it's so long and exaggerated compared to the normal swoop hairstyles you see. It looks kind of like this only shorter on the sides.) He has several piercings, though they're all on his ears, none on his face. Usually he's wearing shirts featuring some band or other. But today...

Now remember, Dan (first discussed here) doesn't like anyone who isn't "normal" in his eyes. This intern was already pushing it, but today he came in wearing a V-neck shirt. This wasn't just any V-neck shirt though: it was deep. I was honestly surprised he was allowed to wear it to school, but I checked, and the dress code doesn't say anything about guys wearing V-necks like that. (Girls on the other hand...)

Dan spotted the intern and couldn't hold his tongue. He started walking toward the intern, eyes wide. He was definitely on a mission, and had to give this intern a piece of his mind.

"Hey!" he said.

"What?" the intern said.

"You're wearing a girl's shirt. You're a guy. You shouldn't be wearing a girl's shirt."

"What?" the intern seemed dumbfounded. At this point, the teacher started to lecture Dan about manners, but Dan wasn't going to be silenced.

"You're a guy. You shouldn't be wearing a girl's shirt."

"I'm not." Dan didn't seem convinced. He stared. He blinked several times, processing.

"Well you should really wear a different shirt." He looked at the teacher as if to say "I'm finished" and walked back to his desk.

The rest of the period, he continued to glare at the intern. The intern seemed a little perturbed. Makes me wonder if he'll ever wear that shirt to school again...


  1. I'd call him a groupie. He's part goth with the hair and piercings but the band shirts.... He probably knows all kinds of small bands and where they'll be at this weekend. Are the shirts obscure bands or mostly black? I would have said the same thing about the V-neck. Probably wore girl jeans too.

  2. That works. I don't know about the bands, I don't pay a lot of attention to them. They're mostly black colored shirts though. I'll have to pay more attention to what they are if he's wearing them today.


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